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Cultivating Exceptional Leaders, Thriving Workplaces, and Vibrant Communities

People in leadership positions are catalysts for change and play a key role in creating a culture that is visionary, empowering, creative, and productive. There are many traits that make an effective leader. However, there is one leadership trait that is rarely developed, if considered at all--presence--an expanded
capacity for self-observation and heightened conscious awareness.

Everybody has a personal shadow--parts of the self that are outside of conscious awareness. The shadow usually includes, but is not limited to, hidden drives, emotions, and needs, that leak out in ways that are more subtle than obvious. The shadow also includes undeveloped talents and gifts that have been neglected, forgotten, or buried.

People in leadership positions are especially vulnerable to the negative aspects of the shadow because of their elevated status and potential influence over large numbers of people. Without conscious exploration and integration of the shadow the negative features remain a disruptive element and the positive attributes are unrealized.

Presence cannot be taught. It is an intrinsic quality that requires focused cultivation over time. Through mature presence a leader is able to reduce or eliminate the negative influences of the shadow and access more profound and far-reaching levels of wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. Without it a person can have the best training, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but still won't reach their full potential as a leader.

Conscious Leadership is a practical, yet profound, leadership program designed to cultivate greater levels of conscious awareness through participation in one-on-one consulting sessions and group dialogue sessions. These self-reflective processes help identify the obstacles to developing a more effective, balanced, and authentic leadership style that will empower others and create a more productive and personally rewarding environment.

Conscious Leadership is not a typical leadership program that offers a static template of criteria that a person needs to follow as a formula for success. Knowing that any significant change takes time and commitment, the program has been purposely designed to be an ongoing process. The objective is simple: to give leaders a powerful process for tapping into their full potential.

Throughout the world people are changing the way they think and work. They are engaged in a transformation that some have said is as great as any in history. A new paradigm is unfolding. The emerging paradigm recognizes the role of individual consciousness, the inner experience of individuals, including intuition, creativity, and subjective experience in decision making.

If you are looking to become a more effective, creative, conscious, and inspirational leader, contact me for more information.