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Specific Areas I Can Help You With
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Chronic illness
  • Chronic pain
  • Trauma
  • Mid-life issues
  • Career/Vocation
  • Cultivating personal freedom
  • Creative development
  • Spiritual development

Specialty Areas

  • Men’s Group

Many men today are in a lot of pain. The disintegration of traditional roles, gender stereotypes, and the loss of health, careers and marriages have left men feeling depressed, angry, confused, lonely, and disempowered.

Typically, men have been taught to suppress their feelings and put up a front of bravado when faced with emotional pain and personal struggles. There’s a better way.

A group setting is an ideal forum to express feelings, raise and consider personal issues, reduce isolation and alienation, and cultivate the qualities of mindfulness, skillful action, and authenticity.

If you’d be interested in attending such a group, contact me for further information.

  • Couples Counseling

It has been said that relationship is the yoga of the West. A close relationship offers us significant opportunity for healing and becoming more conscious.

Love is a powerful force that inevitably brings to the surface the parts of ourselves that we desperately try to keep hidden. Many of us blame our relationship problems on a lack of love, but it is actually the closeness and the possibility of love in the relationship that has brought forth the issues. A close relationship is a powerful light, and like any strong light it casts a large shadow. When we stand in the light of a close relationship, we must learn to deal with the shadow.

When the full extent of the shadow is revealed, it can be quite a shock. At this point, the key choice occurs: to begin a conscious relationship where we move to a higher level of intimacy, or an unconscious relationship that stagnates, or withers, and dies. Our task in a conscious relationship is to consciously break through and soften the layers of masks we have donned to protect us from hurts, losses, and loneliness.

If your relationship is calling you to deepen and become more conscious, and you could use some help along the way, contact me for further information.

  • Artists and Creative Individuals

Artists are sensitive. Sensitivity makes for good art. But this sensitivity can make daily life difficult.

Often artists seek more in therapy than just attaining a baseline level of functioning — they may seek spiritual cohesiveness, new ways to access and express creativity, or an expanded ability to be present in the moment. They often can’t settle for the “autopilot” mode so common in the population at large.

Many of my clients over the years have been artists, writers, actors, and musicians, and they have found my counseling approach very helpful, to their process as well as to their psychological well-being. If you’re looking for a therapist, and you’d like to find out more about my approach and how we might work together, contact me for further information.

  • Therapists and Health Practitioners

People working in a therapeutic capacity are faced with unique challenges related to burnout, ethical dilemmas, transference and counter transference, externally imposed limitations, and liability. Often therapists and health professionals are so busy tending to the needs of others they fail to adequately attend to their own needs. Over time the ability to work effectively with others is compromised — there’s a loss of creativity and originality.

Many of my clients over the years have been therapists and health practitioners, and they have found my counseling approach very helpful for their professional development as well as their psychological well-being. If you’re looking for a therapist, and you’d like to find out more about my approach and how we might work together, contact me for further information.

  • Highly Sensitive People

Overwhelmed by the world? You may be one of the many people (15–20% of the population) who are highly sensitive and feeling overwhelmed by the speed and complexity of our society. Highly sensitive people (HSP’s) typically share a number of characteristics: They’re highly aroused by new or prolonged stimulation; reactive to external stimuli such as noise and light; and deeply affected by other people’s moods and emotions. They are also highly intuitive, deeply reflective, highly conscientious, and creative people. HSP’s pick up on subtleties and therefore are more easily stimulated and overwhelmed in today’s world. Because society often doesn’t understand or appreciate the trait, many HSP’s shy away from being labeled that way and don’t seek help.

I’ve helped many HSP’s develop personalized strategies that enabled them to combat stress, avoid over-arousal, and establish a balanced, satisfying, and authentic lifestyle. If you are an HSP and could use some help developing a personalized lifestyle that’s right for you, contact me for further information.

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